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Renata França Method

Aesthetic lymphatic drainage

With firm pressure and a faster pace, pumping and exclusive maneuvers make the lymphatic drainage method stand out from other traditional massages thanks to impressive and immediate results on the body.


This technique reduces edema, activates blood circulation and fights cellulite. It eliminates toxins and water retention, revives and accelerates metabolism, while strengthening the immune system.


The true ally for slimming and toned skin!


Why act on the lymphatic system?

Lymph is a liquid that circulates throughout the body through a network of small vessels parallel to the blood system: the lymphatic system. ​


The primary role of lymph is to transport waste that must be eliminated from the body. It also plays a major immune role because numerous white blood cells circulate in the lymph and lymph nodes distributed along the network, trap and destroy microbes. The lymphatic system becomes exhausted and therefore becomes less efficient.

As a result, the body stores more water and fat. This is one of the reasons why cellulite appears or why it is very difficult to get rid of certain localized fatty deposits... Hence the importance of lymphatic massages. ​


Although lymphatic drainage has existed since 1935, it was the Brazilian Renata França who presented us with a much more tonic and intense version and which became particularly famous!

How does a drainage session work?

A session lasts approximately 1h30.


The stomach is a less pleasant area because it is often loaded with emotions. You really have to relax and trust your practitioner to let her deeply manipulate this sensitive area. At the end of the session, you will find lighter legs, the feeling of being less bloated, a more accelerated metabolism, a firmer stomach and therefore an increased feeling of well-being.

Drainage detoxifies and reactivates all the body's circulatory systems, which will help relieve stagnant edema. ​


It is the recurrence of the practice that allows results to be maintained and maximized. We advise you to carry out lymphatic drainage as a “cure” of several sessions close together, but you can also carry it out once a month for maintenance.

​What are the contraindications ?




Trombosis and phlebitis - 3 months

Feverish or inflammatory state of any kind

Heart or kidney failure

Pregnancy 1st trimester



Malignant or autoimmune disease





Severe asthma

The services provided have no therapeutic purpose and due to their nature, they do not relate to any manipulation, medical, paramedical or physiotherapy practice, as described in article R4321-3 of the Code of Public health.
They are only intended for anyone who is healthy in all respects. If you have persistent physical and emotional pain, consult a doctor who will help you before making an appointment. It is more of a complementary, preventive practice, which can be part of a healthy lifestyle overall.
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