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Belly Revolution® massage



A unique energetic process for holistic support. Belly Revolution®: the “revolution” of the belly, is a protocol combining rebalancing of the chakras, modeling, effleurage, communication with the body and connection to the parasympathetic system, which gives us access to relaxation.​


The protocol


Emotional release ​


The stomach has 500 million neurons, constituting the body's second nervous system, the “second brain” which exchanges continuously with the neurons of the brain, partly through the vagus nerve, to transmit information. Our stomach reflects our emotional state but it itself also has an impact on it. Our protocol allows you to release emotions through an energetic process.​

Lymphatic drainage


We adopt a very gentle massage methodology by gently touching the belly.

Our draining protocol helps restart the body's elimination system. The draining effect is sometimes immediate and helps refine the silhouette by facilitating the evacuation of water and toxins responsible for certain pains, stomach swelling and orange peel skin.​


The benefits ​


- Energy rebalancing and harmonization of the chakras

- Feeling of well-being and lightness

- Setting internal energy in motion

- Activation of the natural elimination process - Acceleration of detox and activation of emunctories​ - Liberation of internalized emotions and calming of the mind

- Relaunch of digestive physiology (especially transit)

- Indisputable intestinal comfort (According to a panel of women suffering from endometriosis, menstrual pain and constipation)

- Strengthening the immune system Waist circumference reduction ​

- Technique that impacts our second brain and therefore our emotional state. ​​

What are the contraindications?​



Constipation greater than 7 days

General infections and febrile conditions Inflammations

Taking antibiotics or anticoagulants

Suspected gallstones or proven gallstones Pregnancy PMA or IVF procedure in progress Cancer with ongoing treatment

Crohn's disease in the inflammatory phase​



Organ transplant

Bariatric surgery

Hiatal umbilical inguinal hernia


Autoimmune disease (outside the inflammatory phase)

Polycystic ovary syndrome or ovarian cyst​

This method should in no case be used for therapeutic purposes, or as a substitute for any medicinal treatment. Only a qualified physician or healthcare professional can determine the cause of a person's aches, pains and illnesses.​

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