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Kobido-style anti-aging plumping

Kobido is mainly focused on the balance of “chi”, considered to be vital energy. ​



It is particularly renowned for its anti-aging benefits. Indeed, the various techniques of Kobido massage help stimulate skin micro-circulation, reactivate blood circulation and lymphatic flow. This leads to better oxygenation of tissues and the elimination of toxins and metabolic waste. Kobido massage also acts on skin tissues. Through different maneuvers, the tissues and muscles of the face are stimulated to produce elastin and collagen.


Result ? Skin tissues are firmed, muscles are relaxed, wrinkles are smoothed and the face is toned and plumped.​


Le Kobido est axé principalement sur l’équilibre du « chi », considéré comme l’énergie vitale.

Résultat ? Les tissus cutanés sont raffermis, les muscles sont détendus, les rides sont lissés et le visage est tonifié et repulpé.

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